The e-commerce platform was prosecuted for suspecting of selling illegal drugs

The weather is getting hot, electricity business platform, a variety of weight loss products are also hot up. However, a few days ago Fengtai Procuratorate informed of the case, to give you a wake up: careful diet pills is “poison”!

Luomou and his wife Lu Mou had been in a business website on the cosmetics business shop, until April 2015, Luomou that sell cosmetics do not make money, they began to buy a large number of low-priced bitter gourd fat slimming capsules, bitter gourd fat And other health care products, and external sale.

After the customer to reflect, in the consumption of the so-called weight loss health care products, there will be dry mouth, diarrhea, anorexia and other adverse reactions, and has affected the normal work and life. But Luomou in understanding the situation, in order to continue to profit, still to other customers to sell the weight loss products. To September last year, the amount of sales amounted to 30 million yuan. Police in the two temporary residence and the Treasury from the bitter gourd fat slimming slimming capsules and other weight loss products, the test, whether it is bitter gourd Qingzhi Su, bitter gourd Qingzhi slimming capsules, the classic body weight loss capsules, etc., all contain the ingredients of phenol Of another health care products contain the ingredients of diclofenac sodium, and phenolphthalein and diclofenac sodium will have adverse effects on human health, long-term consequences is even more disastrous.

Procuratorial organs to suspend sales of toxic and harmful food on the Luomou, Lu Mou prosecution.

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