Slimming pills company cheated customers out of their money

(Hereinafter referred to as Golden Winter Company, registered address of Tianhe District, Guangzhou City) work, Lai Xionghui Department of customer service (that is, sales), the company is located in Guangzhou, Director.

September 16, 2013 Huihui Haohai company incorporated, the legal representative Lai Xionghui, shareholders are Lai Xionghui, Peng Donghai, Zhang Huiping. And Hui Hui Hao Hai’s actual address before the registration began to operate a beautiful company. Lai Xionghui is the total head of Huihui Haohai company, including financial and other co-ordination, the company was originally responsible for the daily management of Peng Donghai, February 2014 Liu Bo joined and took over the work of Peng Donghai, in March the same year Zheng Xu entered the company and responsible for network management and Marketing. In May 18th the same year, Lai Xionghui and Peng Donghai, Zhang Huiping signed equity transfer agreement, Peng Donghai, Zhang Huiping left the company. July 2013 Chen Weirong joined the aesthetic company (that is, Huihui Haohai company), do second-line return visit.

Hui Hui Hao Hai company with the company similar to the business model, the staff is divided into first-line, second-tier, first in the network, television and other products to do weight loss ads, customers see advertising phone calls, this time line staff marketing products, Customers to buy products by the second-line staff in a variety of identity to return to the product effect is not obvious, the customer’s own disease, the refund must pay the deposit and so on, so that customers buy more expensive products or remittance to the designated Hwang, Account. The above accounts are set up by LaiXiongHui to set up funds for receiving customers.

In the first instance, the court held that the defendant Lai Xionghui, Zheng Xu, Chen Weirong, Liu Bo, Peng Donghai and Zhang Huiping used the fictitious facts to conceal the truth and defraud the money, and Lai Xionghui, Chen Weirong, Liu Bo, Peng Donghai and Zhang Huiping Fraud money totaling 84 million yuan, Zheng Xu fraud money totaling 110 million yuan, are the amount of huge, their behavior has constituted the crime of fraud.

Six defendants of the joint crime, Lai Xionghui in the common crime plays a major role, the main faction; Chen Weirong and others from the secondary role, the Department of criminals, according to the law to reduce the punishment.

According to this, September 29, 2016, Bengbu City Longzihu District People’s Court of First Instance to commit fraud committed Lai Xionghui imprisonment for eleven years and six months fined $ 350,000; other staff were also nine years six Months to five years and six months ranging from imprisonment.