Keep good habits to lose weight fast

Want to eat and drink without pressure, please breakfast as a priority, breakfast eat well, not only make you all day spirits, will eat more thin, new survey results, have breakfast, women, no matter what, Usually much worse than the woman who did not eat breakfast. 30 minutes to eat the most weight loss.

Want to join the thin family, in addition to the meal time to the rules and fixed, the food for a long time and short, but also dominated the weight loss results. Eat must be chewy, each best can bite 20 and then swallow, this method in addition to help maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, more chewing can also improve satiety, reduce the amount of food intake per meal.

Research shows that people who have moderate exercise habits every day, the desire for food is relatively low, that is to say that exercise can help you suppress appetite Oh! You do not need asthma, such as cattle “move”, a little sweat “move” is very good , Usually develop a micro-exercise habits, can effectively drive away appetite. Sweat after a bath, and then apply the right amount of wave Yan Ting, Bo Yan Ting pure natural plant derived from the essence, apply to any skin, is the best word of mouth products, can help you quickly and effectively rushing meat.

Sleep is adequate and reasonable, is the key to affecting women’s body, even more important than diet and exercise. You know that the risk of getting fat in the night owl who sleeps late every day is 35% higher than the others. Lack of sleep will lead us to produce the desire for food, leading us to eat too much, but also enhance the body for the absorption of fat, so that the body hoarding more fat. So if you want to keep a good body, then you must keep yourself able to have adequate sleep.

How to lose weight fast and effectively

Fall came, the body intake of calories significantly more than the consumption of calories, a little careless, weight will gradually increase, which for their own obese people is a threat, so obese in the fall should pay attention to weight loss The So what is good weight loss products? How to lose weight the fastest and most effective?

Xiaobian according to the weight loss of people to share the experience, sorted out a few good life weight loss small coup, not diet also thin Oh! Weight loss products which is good, in the weight loss of people to share, they mentioned the most is a Section of the wave Yan Ting weight loss products, healthy and efficient does not rebound, by the people who lose weight and trust.

The study found that women who drank 1 to 2 cups of wine a day were less likely to lose weight than those who did not drink or drink alcohol. Researchers can not explain the reason, but they say that those who drink 1 to 2 glasses of wine research object, the intake of calories is relatively small. Moreover, they drink more heat than men.

Were divided into three groups for 96 consecutive obese women, and compound vitamins, calcareous and placebo were supplied for 26 consecutive days. The results of the supply of vitamins in the body, the body fat content was significantly lower than other groups. Some people eat large, is to supplement the body of the necessary nutrition. Although taking a single vitamin to lose weight directly on the program is not large, but it can reduce the corresponding diet of its dietary intake.

Enzyme weight loss products

Now, walking on the road what type of girls the most eye-catching? One is the United States can not breathe the girls, one is ugly can not breathe the girls, there is a class of fat to the girl can not breathe. Of course, the vast majority of girls are still very healthy, very sunny, this type of what we call the conventional beauty, it is too much, eyes simply can not see.

One day to the summer, which girls do not want to perfect body + skirt + long legs? Can own light mouth, not open legs, how could they have a perfect body? Many times we need more than just shut the mouth, step Open legs, but also need to find a scientific and rational, sustained weight loss method to maintain the market weight loss products is too much, and how to choose?

As the current domestic microelectronics business in the field of health to do the largest enterprises, Bei Fu Fu Group has a donkey package and love fluttering enzyme two categories of weight loss products, and are widely welcomed by consumers, praise constantly. At present love fluttering series including love fluttering enzyme soso powder and love fluttering enzyme soso jelly two burst single product, each product has just been sold when the factory was sold out. In the consumer to buy love fluttering series of products, Bei Fu Fu corresponding staff will tell consumers how to eat love fluttering products, the use of matters should be noted during the period.

Latest research on weight loss by a university in South Korea

Recently, researchers at the National University of Busan in Korea found that red algae extract (GAE) could inhibit high fat diet-induced obesity. Previous studies have confirmed that 12-day high intake of GAE-containing high-fat diet has a significant inhibitory effect on weight gain in mice, but no studies have shown that GAE has an effect on weight loss in obese rats.

In this study, the researchers analyzed the effects of GAE on body weight gain, fat mass, plasma, liver lipid, adipokine secretions and lipid metabolism in obese rats. The rats in the control group were divided into control group and control group. The control group consisted of five kinds of diet, all of which contained high fat.

The researchers fed a new round of diet, group 1 (high fat diet), group 2 (high fat + 0.5 g GAE), group 3 (high fat + 1 g GAE), group 4 (high fat + 2 g GAE) Group 5 (high fat + 75 g GAE). At the end of the eight-week trial, the study showed that the weight loss of the mice was the same as that of the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) group, and CLA was a fatty acid that helped to lose weight.

The results also showed that the body weight of the GAE group was significantly lower than that of the high fat group mice. The final body weight of group 3 and group 4 was consistent with that of CLA group mice. At the same time, even if the diet of GAE content is very low, but still has a role in the control of weight.

In addition, GAE supplements can significantly reduce body weight gain, adipose tissue mass, leptin concentration, serum and liver TG, TC levels. GAE supplements can also stimulate the expression of lipid metabolism, reduce the weight of high-fat diet-induced obese mice, the future in the anti-obesity has great potential.

The best quality weight lose products

The best weight loss products to lose weight misunderstanding four: pepper to lose weight. And there is no direct study to prove that pepper can lose weight, and irritation of hot pepper excessive consumption will affect the stomach function, eat too much irritating food will make the skin becomes rough, it seems something more harm than good.

In order to lose weight, many people choose to eat less, or even eat to achieve weight loss results, the results not only do not fall weight, but caused a series of health diseases. How to lose weight better?

Slimming down weight loss, said simply through the mouth of the mouth to lose weight, weight loss is undoubtedly a long and lasting process, even if the insistence, it may not be able to thin down. However, Bo Yan Ting made a breakthrough contribution to the weight loss time is reduced to one to three months! This is the history of weight loss never had a pioneering work, but also the gospel of obese people.

Bo Yan-ting to the concept of healthy weight-loss, the use of herbal extracts from refining, the use of convenient external smear, massage, through the “dissolved, row, received, blocked” trilogy, to reach the abdomen hip, thin waist legs Multi-part weight-loss purposes, at the same time, the effect of the best weight loss products wave Yan Ting can also nourish and tighten the relaxation of the skin, make the skin more silky delicate, so that the body appears convex, charming curve.

Successful weight loss, said the last, if you want to thin down, no matter what weight loss method or the effect of the best weight loss products, three days fishing for two days the attitude of the sun is absolutely not remember! Remember to pay sweat in order to lose obstacles , Thus gaining a better future.

The e-commerce platform was prosecuted for suspecting of selling illegal drugs

The weather is getting hot, electricity business platform, a variety of weight loss products are also hot up. However, a few days ago Fengtai Procuratorate informed of the case, to give you a wake up: careful diet pills is “poison”!

Luomou and his wife Lu Mou had been in a business website on the cosmetics business shop, until April 2015, Luomou that sell cosmetics do not make money, they began to buy a large number of low-priced bitter gourd fat slimming capsules, bitter gourd fat And other health care products, and external sale.

After the customer to reflect, in the consumption of the so-called weight loss health care products, there will be dry mouth, diarrhea, anorexia and other adverse reactions, and has affected the normal work and life. But Luomou in understanding the situation, in order to continue to profit, still to other customers to sell the weight loss products. To September last year, the amount of sales amounted to 30 million yuan. Police in the two temporary residence and the Treasury from the bitter gourd fat slimming slimming capsules and other weight loss products, the test, whether it is bitter gourd Qingzhi Su, bitter gourd Qingzhi slimming capsules, the classic body weight loss capsules, etc., all contain the ingredients of phenol Of another health care products contain the ingredients of diclofenac sodium, and phenolphthalein and diclofenac sodium will have adverse effects on human health, long-term consequences is even more disastrous.

Procuratorial organs to suspend sales of toxic and harmful food on the Luomou, Lu Mou prosecution.

Slimming pills company cheated customers out of their money

(Hereinafter referred to as Golden Winter Company, registered address of Tianhe District, Guangzhou City) work, Lai Xionghui Department of customer service (that is, sales), the company is located in Guangzhou, Director.

September 16, 2013 Huihui Haohai company incorporated, the legal representative Lai Xionghui, shareholders are Lai Xionghui, Peng Donghai, Zhang Huiping. And Hui Hui Hao Hai’s actual address before the registration began to operate a beautiful company. Lai Xionghui is the total head of Huihui Haohai company, including financial and other co-ordination, the company was originally responsible for the daily management of Peng Donghai, February 2014 Liu Bo joined and took over the work of Peng Donghai, in March the same year Zheng Xu entered the company and responsible for network management and Marketing. In May 18th the same year, Lai Xionghui and Peng Donghai, Zhang Huiping signed equity transfer agreement, Peng Donghai, Zhang Huiping left the company. July 2013 Chen Weirong joined the aesthetic company (that is, Huihui Haohai company), do second-line return visit.

Hui Hui Hao Hai company with the company similar to the business model, the staff is divided into first-line, second-tier, first in the network, television and other products to do weight loss ads, customers see advertising phone calls, this time line staff marketing products, Customers to buy products by the second-line staff in a variety of identity to return to the product effect is not obvious, the customer’s own disease, the refund must pay the deposit and so on, so that customers buy more expensive products or remittance to the designated Hwang, Account. The above accounts are set up by LaiXiongHui to set up funds for receiving customers.

In the first instance, the court held that the defendant Lai Xionghui, Zheng Xu, Chen Weirong, Liu Bo, Peng Donghai and Zhang Huiping used the fictitious facts to conceal the truth and defraud the money, and Lai Xionghui, Chen Weirong, Liu Bo, Peng Donghai and Zhang Huiping Fraud money totaling 84 million yuan, Zheng Xu fraud money totaling 110 million yuan, are the amount of huge, their behavior has constituted the crime of fraud.

Six defendants of the joint crime, Lai Xionghui in the common crime plays a major role, the main faction; Chen Weirong and others from the secondary role, the Department of criminals, according to the law to reduce the punishment.

According to this, September 29, 2016, Bengbu City Longzihu District People’s Court of First Instance to commit fraud committed Lai Xionghui imprisonment for eleven years and six months fined $ 350,000; other staff were also nine years six Months to five years and six months ranging from imprisonment.